Teri Driver

One of the most productive porn stars of the 90's, Teri Diver was fixed on the hardcore scene most of her career. A sweet-faced beauty with beautiful locks, and one of the shapeliest figures in the entire business, Teri was one of the most recognizable women in the industy. Her time in the business produced over 200 films, and her skills, and intelligence turned into even more money behind the camera, directing.

She was born on September 6, 1971. Even though, she never really liked to discuss her life before raunchyness she was known to be a very independent youth. She breezed through high school and enrolled in college early. In college, she majored in 'behavior modification,' Yea, exactly, what's that? As soon as she turned 18, she started stripping to pay her college tuition. After graduating she married a man named Tom Elliott, that she met watching a band play at a bar.

Teri worked part time as a teacher and also at a weight loss clinic. Not long after, they moved to California, and were met there with various financial issues. Through acquaintances they found themselves on a set called 'Taboo IV,' where they were introduced to the director Henri Pachard. He offered her an opportunity in porn, and with her current financial position, she jumped on the opportunity.

Teri walked onto the scene in 1991. Right from the beginning it was clear, she was a rare find. A few of her early works are 'Bikini City,' where she plays with Elliott, then teams up with Peter North and Brandy Alexander for a 3some. One of her more eventful scene was in, 'Seymore Butts Rides Again.' Teri joins in on a 3some with with Melanie Moore and Ted Wilson that starts the flick off in a sweltering direction. Teri and Tom rapidly got into producing and directing their own stuff, with the helping hand of AVN published Paul Fishbein. They were a great crew, with Teri writing, performing and directing, while Tom produced, wrote added the music. Together, they made dozens of scorching features with Teri getting director credits in over 40 of them. Suffering from severe migraine headaches for many many years Teri's life tragically came to an end on January 2, 2001. Apparently she took too many of her migraine medication pills and went into cardiac arrest an died. She will be missed.



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