Stephanie Rage


Porn Star Stephanie Rage started off in the industry back in 1987. With her first feature being "Magic Fingers". She was one of the more kinky of the stars, bringing in any toys or unusual characteristics into her features. Stephanie Rage appeared in more than 100 movies, but Stephanie left the business in the late 90's.

Porn Star Stephanie Rage is a platinum-blonde sex bomb that first hit hardcore screens in 1987's 'Magic Fingers.' She appeared in over 100 features before leaving the business in late 1990. Stephanie Rage's a lean, mean sexual machine who stood just over 5 feet tall, weighed in at a wispy 100 pounds, and sported an enhanced 34C-22-34 figure. She was a hard-working girl who got mostly supporting roles during her carnal career, never quite hitting the big time that her stunningly sexy looks suggested.

Stephanie Rage was an adventurous and bold sexual performer who was one of the first of 80's starlets to embrace anal sex. Stephanie Rage was also quite eager to try any and all sex toys she could get her hands on, and any Stephanie Rage sex scene is liable to feature some amazing kinky action. She was born and raised in Coral Gables, Florida, and came to the L.A. porn scene by way of Baltimore. Stephanie Rage was an exotic dancer before she took the porno plunge, and she has since gone back to her roots. Stephanie Rage concentrates almost exclusively on her dance career now, often appearing as a star attraction at mud wrestling events. Stephanie Rage will always be remembered by hardcore fans for her hard-charging, out-of-hand sexuality.


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